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I’ve been eating savory yogurt. Thick, whole-milk yogurt — never skim or low-fat — with lots of flavor –maybe walnuts, pine nuts, za’atar, olive oil, salt, pepper, cayenne, cinnamon, and whatever fruit or vegetables I have around, including soft, brown griddled onions.

Pantry asparagus, Nina planck, Real Food

This time of year I eat asparagus as often as possible, sometimes every day. But…

Pantry lard, Nina Planck, Real Food

In the June 5 New York Magazine, Rob Patronite asked me how I use the…

Pantry chocolate, Nina Planck, Real Food

Every winter, around February 14, the food and health pages run amusing pieces on why…

Pantry eggs, Nina Kefault, Real Food

The eggs of a pastured laying hen can be called “pastured”—and once again, there is…

Pantry oil and vinegar, Planck, Real Food cookbook

Buy cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil. Unfortunately, even that standard includes many lousy oils. Superior olive…

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