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Real Food book cover
Real Food: What to Eat and Why — Updated 10th Anniversary Edition

Nina explains what to eat and why for everyone from age zero to 100. Learn why traditional foods such as butter are best and industrial foods such as corn oil and fake foods are the real culprits in the trio of nutrition-related diseases: obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Praise the lard. And the vegetables, too.

“Drawing on the latest research and oldest folk wisdom, Real Food offers a persuasive and invigorating defense of eggs, butter, meat, and even lard (!), as well as a powerful critique of a food industry that aims to replace these standbys with its highly processed, and sometimes deadly, simulacra… a valuable and eye-opening book.” —Michael Pollan

Real Food for Mother and Baby: The Fertility Diet, Eating for Two, and Baby’s First Foods — Updated Edition

Learn why traditional foods such as red meat, fish, eggs, and even raw-milk cheese and raw milk are the best foods for mother, father, and child. Nina explains what to eat from conception to age two. Prepare for your pregnancy, for nursing, and for feeding your baby first foods. This is the only prenatal book you will ever need. Mothers call it life-changing.

“Real Food for Mother and Baby will leave you empowered, encouraged, and optimistic.” —

The Real Food Cookbook: Traditional Dishes for Modern Cooks

150 classic dishes, from starters, soups, and salads to the center of the plate, to sweets and the cheese course, are transformed by Nina’s signature approach: fresh herbs, good butter, seasonal fruits and vegetables, grass-fed and pastured meats, and whole grains. With essays and tips throughout from Nina’s own real-food lifestyle, it will provide inspiration for any omnivorous cook or eater. Learn how to stock your pantry and where to buy real food. Enjoy the stories, feast on the gorgeous full-color photographs, and make the meals Nina loves.

“Planck reminds cooks that traditional methods for producing meals from authentic foodstuffs are, in fact, a truly modern culinary approach.” —Publishers Weekly “Top 10 Cookbooks for Spring”

The Egg Book: A Child’s Guide to Chickens

A children’s picture book. Learn what eggs are, where eggs come from, how to cook tasty and nutritious eggs, and how to raise backyard chickens.

Recipes for children and adults include Patrick Lango’s Custard and Deviled Eggs from The Real Food Cookbook.

Bye Bye Baba: A Weaning Tale

Matilda loved nursing. She called it “baba.” As she grew, she began to eat blueberries and other delicious foods.But she still loved baba. One day, Mama said it was time to say bye-bye to baba. She threw Matilda a party with a bye bye baba cake! Then little brother Luke arrived and he got all the baba.

Please note: “Bye Bye Baba” is not illustrated — yet! You and your child are invited to create your own works of art to accompany the story. The left-hand pages contain the text, while the right-hand pages are blank.

The Farmers’ Market Cookbook

In The Farmers’ Market Cookbook, Nina explains what the farmer knows about everything from asparagus to zucchini—and what the cook needs to know. In more than thirty chapters, Nina offers simple and delicious recipes for beef, pork, chicken, and fish, as well as ideas for perfect side dishes, soups, and desserts—all with produce in the lead role. Try roasted pork chops with apple and horseradish stuffing, blueberry almond crisp, and risotto with oyster mushrooms. Nina also offers farmers’ tips, kitchen strategies, advice on what to buy and when, what to look for, and how to keep it fresh. Perfect for any cook who has stared helplessly at fresh produce, praying for inspiration. Foreword by Nigel Slater, English food writer, journalist, and broadcaster.

“A celebration of [fruit] and vegetable treasures… packed with clear, concise recipes, written in a no–nonsense style.” —Farmers’ Weekly