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Hidden Roots: Intimate Storytelling for Women and Couples in NYC


Tell a story. Witness her story. See your stories in a new light.

Hidden Roots gathers women in a circle for authentic storytelling and deep listening. The circle allows each woman to speak, to witness, and to reflect. There is no need to prepare. Just come ready to listen and to speak from the heart.

Hidden Roots is named after the interlocking roots of trees, which share nutrients with other trees. When we know another person well, hidden roots connect us. After sitting in a circle for just two hours – even with women who were recently strangers – we develop new roots. As you leave the circle, you feel nourished and alive.

We hold circles for women, for couples, for co-ed teams seeking deeper understanding, and for milestones such as babies, birthdays, and marriage.

Circles take place in Greenwich Village from November 2018 to June 2019. You may commit to a series of 8 circles with the same women, or come to a single morning or evening circle. Bring a friend. Circles last two hours and cost $45 per person.

To learn more or to join a circle, visit or sign up for our mailing list and follow me on Instagram.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop via Unsplash


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