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Raw Milk: Safer than Ever


Raw milk incidents are falling due to (perhaps) better handling by farmers and dairy  so says a new study.

I recently enjoyed giving a guest lecture at at Rutgers University in New Jersey as part of a freshman seminar course entitled “Traditional Organic Food and Farming Systems.”

The professor teaching the class, Joseph R. Heckman, Ph.D., published a study about how raw milk is getting safer and more popular “Recent Trends in Unpasteurized Fluid Milk Outbreaks, Legalization, and Consumption in the United States

I encourage you to read it and I encourage you to drink raw milk!

The lovely red barn in the photo is Calf + Clover Creamery in Cornwall Bridge, CT  a town where not only is raw milk legally available for sale at farms, you can buy it in grocery and convenience stores.


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