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Public Schools, Local Foods, and Picky Eaters


Local food at PS 41. Kids will eat vegetables, even new and exotic ones, when they are fresh and served with fats. See the kids below wiping up balsamic dressing with local spinach and tatsoi leaves on farm stand day in the school yard.

Our PTA buys local food and resells it on Tuesdays. We break even rather than make a profit, in order to serve our school and neighborhood eaters. Blonde-haired, blue-shirted Jacob, a New Amsterdam kid, was visiting big brother Julian’s school on farm stand day.

Here’s what I wrote in Real Food for Mother and Baby about finicky children: “A picky eater tends to emerge around the age of three or four, if at all. On that note, please don’t start off on the wrong foot by serving the little one plain broccoli and carrots. Babies need fat, and they like salt, not to mention dill, parsley, or garlic, as much as the next guy. In our house, everyone man, woman, and child gets vegetables with olive oil or butter and salt. They taste better.”


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