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I’m a Decatur, Georgia, fan


“I am a Decatur, Georgia, fan.” This is what I learned on Saturday August 30 at the 9th Annual Decatur Book Festival, the largest independent book festival in the US, where I made White Chicken Stroganoff with Dill and talked about Real Food. I met wonderful eaters and interesting authors. Books I plan to buy: “Shotgun Lovesongs” by Nickolas Butler, “Bedrock Faith” by Eric Charles May, and “I Can Hear You Whisper” by Lydia Denworth. And one architect who has the modern eco-style down pat: William Carpenter, at Lightroom Studio. 

Meanwhile, at the farmers’ market, I ate organic peaches, Savannah-grown ginger from Verdant Kitchen, crispy pickles from the Garner Girls, and, in town, a phenomenal meal at Makan, an Asian place, with a stunning “cart” of little glass jars of roasted beets, silken tofu with chimichurra sauce, and many more (see photo).

I heard a fellow from the Wren’s House tell Uncle Remus tales and learned why Joel Chandler Harris, the creator of Uncle Remus, was anything but a racist. He was a visionary for a “post-racial” society before his time, and before Obama was born. Read this interesting essay about it. We are reading more and more Brer Rabbit tales at home.


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