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Portland: Montavilla Farmers’ Market


Portland, you are blessed. At the Montavilla Farmers’ Market I found strawberries (Puget Crimson and Puget Summer) as good as the best variety I’ve ever tasted back East (Earliglow) — only darker, and bigger. I found English walnuts from Deck Family Farm — like no commercial walnut I’ve ever eaten, they were tannic without any bitterness. There were enormous, glossy, sweet, and strong-flavored Bing cherries from Baird Family Farm. Superior (large, dense) head lettuce from Denion Farms Simplicity Gardens, kombucha vinaigrettes and mustard from Symple Foods, and (news to me), well-marbled, white-striped spring Columbia River Chinook Salmon. I’ve never seen a wild salmon so fatty, to tender, so buttery. I ate it smoked, for lunch. Fisherman says most spring salmon goes to Japan. Let’s eat it here!


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