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Milk, Cream, Cheese & Butter


Campaign for Real Milk. Describes raw-milk laws in each state and will lead you to buying clubs and cow shares for raw milk, butter, cream, yogurt, and other real dairy.

Organic Pastures Dairy Company. Organic, grass-fed raw milk, cheese, butter, and other dairy products in California. It’s also the unofficial headquarters of the raw milk crusade.

Murray’s Cheese—my husband’s shop—sells and ships American and European small- production, raw-milk, grass-fed milk, and farmstead cheeses. (Farmstead cheeses are made with the milk of the farm’s herd.) Murray’s also sells cured meats, fine chocolates, delicious olive oils, and various addictive items, like Spanish Marcona almonds. The Murray’s Cheese Handbook makes a great gift.

White Cow Dairy. Superlative and original dairy foods made from the milk of a grass-fed family herd.


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