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Kid Snacks on the Go


A reader writes: “If you had to pick packaged snacks for your kids what brands or snacks would they be? I prefer fruit, nuts, and cheese for my son but sometimes Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies get thrown in there.”

Fruit, vegetables, nuts, and cheese are our preferred on the road snacks, too. Dried mango is popular, as is yogurt, not too sweet. For drinks, water, coconut juice, kombucha, whole organic milk, and sometimes fresh (raw) orange juice, especially when we have colds. There are decent whole grain crackers, but for snacks I often avoid carbohydrates—I save them for meals.

We don’t buy cheddar bunnies, but the children are terribly excited when they see them and taste them out and about! The lowest-form of real cheese (milk, rennet, salt are the only ingredients) we tolerate are cheese sticks, ideally organic. The cheesemonger (my husband) permits it, which shows just how kind a father he is. We like chocolate, too! Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is a pretty good hazelnut-chocolate spread as an alternative to the too-sweet Nutella (a brilliant recipe gone industrial). I think there’s a market there—for a real-food Nutella.


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