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Kelly Mom, Milk Share, DONA


If you’re pregnant and looking for a doula or midwife, nursing and looking for technical advice or encouragement, trying to wear your baby and getting all tied up in slings, or getting peed on—whoops, I mean using potty signs—consider professional help. Folks who do this stuff go by various names—I guess wise village woman was the old term—and it’s a growing field.

Kelly Mom

Excellent resource for all everything related to breastfeeding (including FAQs, health concerns, pumping, employment, and advocacy) with a directory of Lactation Consultants.

Milk Share

If you’re lucky enough to have an abundance of breast milk, consider that others (besides your beautiful baby) might benefit from it. Kelley Faulkner created Milk Share as a resource and connection point for moms who need alternatives. Some moms are unable to breastfeed, for a variety of health reasons, and may need to look beyond the milk bank. If you want to experience the value of sharing breast milk, Kelley’s helpful site will answer all the questions you can think of, plus a few more.

DONA International

Resource for doulas (to assist with birth or after baby comes home).


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