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Pantry pastured eggs, planck, author real food

The eggs of a pastured laying hen can be called “pastured”—and once again, there is…

Pantry grazing cattle, grass fed, Nina Planck

Grass-fed and local is best, but watch out: your farmer may or may not have…

Pantry se saly, Nina Planck, pantry

Only unrefined sea salt contains dozens of nutritious trace minerals. When salt is refined—which may…

Pantry Wild Salmon, Nina Planck,

Wild seafood, from sustainable fisheries, is usually best. It’s clean and clean-tasting; it’s firm, not…

Family Undies

If you practice potty signs (aka “elimination communication”) and don’t want to use diapers at…

Drinks & Nibbles Kombucha, Planck, Real Food Cookbook

Kombucha is a nonalcoholic fermented tea originally from Northeast China or Manchuria. From there it…

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